Japanese Woodblock Print Search

Ukiyo-e Search provides an incredible resource: The ability to both search for Japanese woodblock prints by simply taking a picture of an existing print AND the ability to see similar prints across multiple collections of prints. Below is an example print, click to see it in action.

Better data, hundreds of thousands of additional images, and better search capabilities are forthcoming. Sign-up to be notified when additional features are ready.

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Early Ukiyo-e (Early-Mid 1700s)

Birth of Full-Color Printing (1740s to 1780s)

Golden Age of Ukiyo-e (1780 to 1804)

Popularization of Woodblock Printing (1804 to 1868)

Meiji Period (1868 to 1912)

Shin Hanga and Sosaku Hanga Movements (1915 to 1940s)

Modern and Contemporary (1950s to Now)