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Artist: Keisai Eisen

Title: Act 3 Kamakura Jidaikan, Bloodshed

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Eisen Act 3 Kamakura Jidaikan, Bloodshed (161-1-3, 161-5-1) Honzo awaits Moronao, receiving a present and asks for his lordOs mediation. This is effective, and Moronao announces his intent to submit to Wakasanosuke, lessening his murderous intent. Then he strikes out at the passerby Enya Hokan, and as he was hideously insulted, Hokan is finally cut by Moronao, and is supported by Kakogawa Honzo. HokanOs fellow samurai, Hayano Kanpei secretly meets Okaru outside the gates, and shamed that he wasnOt present for his lordOs important event, Kanpei decides to commit hara-kiri. He is stopped by Okaru. The print shows Kanpei and Okaru at the edge of the moat outside the gates. The two are attacked by the Moronao supporter Sagisaka Bannai and are questioned by his men.

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