Kasamatsu Shiro: Misty Evening at Shinobazu Pond, Tokyo — 不忍池 - Japanese Art Open Database

Artist: Kasamatsu Shiro

Title: Misty Evening at Shinobazu Pond, Tokyo — 不忍池

Date: 1932

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Misty Evening at Shinobazu Pond , Ueno Shiro Kasamatsu 1898-1991 This print bares Watanabe H Seal in lower right corner. Signed in pencil,`" Shinobauz Pond, Unoe" Shiro Kasamatsu. This print has a Kento mark in right bottom of paper. It was a " presentation"to James A. McCarty, Capt. USMC. Legal Sec.,GHQ, SCAP ( Supreme Commander Allied Powers) in Japan 1947. This and a collection of Hiroshige prints, also gifts, were shipped back Dec. 13th, 1947. All were purchased together from the Family Estate several years ago. This print was custom framed, glue tape along back edges of paper to hold in place. It will come off per 'preservationist'. From the frame shop phone, 5 digit, number that was on the back I would say it has been in the frame since early 1948. Condition is pristine. There has been some controversy about Watanabe's use of his H 'artist proof'and 'gift seal'. In correspondence last year with a noted authority and author on Kasamatsu he informed me of a book published by Watanabe of his own works, many bore his H seal and stated he would never publish lesser quality works for his own publication. As they are gifts, they were not printed in mass, thus bearing no date, as the date of receipt was often within days of it's often single printing. The lower right corner block line in this print has been lifted so as to 'highlight'the seals importance'. As to the limb in upper left center of the print being carried beyond the block line,(see picture), it has been suggested it was done by Kasamatsu himself to ' personalize' this gift as being from him and his publisher, Watanabe.

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