Utagawa Hiroshige: Winter Desolation at Hamamatsu (Station #30) - Honolulu Museum of Art

Artist: Utagawa Hiroshige

Title: Winter Desolation at Hamamatsu (Station #30)

Date: c. 1833 - 1834

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Source: Honolulu Museum of Art
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At Hamamatsu, the thirtieth station on the Tökaidö, the highway met the minor Shinano Road, making this a busy station. In the distance on the far left the Hamamatsu Castle compound is visible. Rather than depicting the town’s center, Hiroshige chose a rustic scene outside of it in which travelers and farmers rest and keep warm around a bonfire. The smoke rising up to the sky and the tall tree in the center divide the picture in two, and help to create the long distance perspective that places the castle in the background. ("The Tôkaidô Road: Connecting Japan" exhibition Nov/26/2009-Jan/24/2010)

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