Kikugawa Eizan: - Richard Kruml

Artist: Kikugawa Eizan

Date: 1804

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Source: Richard Kruml
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A kakemono-e ( vertical diptych ) showing a tiger peering round a giant bamboo. Although Toyohiro and Toyokuni I produced kakemono-e during the 1800-1804 period, Eizan is generally identified with the format and published many during 1804-1817. The style used borrows from Korean paintings of tigers. No publisher’s seal, c.1804-1817. Another impression illustrated in Ukiyo-e no bi, nishiki-e no keifu, Yamaguchi Prefecture Municipal Museum, n.d., p.84/85. Good impression. Very good colour and condition with the sheets separated to join accurately. Signed Kikukawa Eizan hitsu. Status: Available

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