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Artist: Masao Ebina

Title: The Fireflies

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Title The Tale of Genji , Hotaru Artist Masao Ebihara active mid 20th C. Seal artist's seal Dated ca. 1950s Period 20th Century Impression excellent Colors excellent ... gold and silver colored metallic pigments Condition excellent ... upper edge pasted on the original folio Rating 1 = excellent Description "The Tale of Genji" Chapter 25, Hotaru (Fireflies). Prince Genji wanted to be the go-between for his younger brother who was in love with Lady Tamakazura. Genji released large numbers of fireflies so that his brother could see the lady. This print is still in the original folio. The chapter summary is printed in English and Japanese on a tissue overlay. Format Oban yoko-e Width 13.0 inches = 33.0 cm Height 9.4 inches = 24.0 cm

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