Utagawa Kuniyoshi: The 60 -odd Provinces of Japan: Awaji - Robyn Buntin of Honolulu

Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Title: The 60 -odd Provinces of Japan: Awaji

Date: Edo c 1845

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Source: Robyn Buntin of Honolulu
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The title and name of the province appears on an oblong red cartouche; text is by Shotei Kinsui on the upper part of the print. This series usually shows one or two figures and accessories on a plain background. Adjoining the title is a small inset picture, signed by a pupil and relevant to the main subject, in a rectangular panel. 21 of the 47 recorded prints of this series are by Kunisada. This print shows Shinchunagon Taira no Tomomori, symbolically represented by a seaman in a kimono with a rope pattern, and carrying a large anchor, knocking down an assailant. Inset by Yoshiteru: Tomomori's wife and child at home. Published by Koga-ya Katsugoro. B.W. Robinson - Kuniyoshi The Warrior Prints PP123-124. Papino, p.624, Edmunds, p.635

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