Yoshida Hiroshi: Sarusawa Pond - Ohmi Gallery

Artist: Yoshida Hiroshi

Title: Sarusawa Pond

Date: 1933

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Source: Ohmi Gallery
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Early edition with the all-important jizuri seal (meaning "self-printed") in the left margin and signed in pencil by Hiroshi himself in the bottom margin. Vivid, pristine colours. Brush signed and sealed by the artist. See a discussion of the jizuri seal here. This print was purchased from a consignment of over 75 woodblock prints (by Koitsu and Yoshida), all with datings from the 1930's to no later than the early 1950's. All but a couple of these prints seem to have never been displayed and have vivid pristine colours on creaseless paper. They were probably purchased and then simply stored for the last 60+ years.

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