Toshusai Sharaku: Ryuzo as Kinkichi - 嵐龍蔵・石部金吉 - Ohmi Gallery

Artist: Toshusai Sharaku

Title: Ryuzo as Kinkichi - 嵐龍蔵・石部金吉

Date: 1794

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Source: Ohmi Gallery
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Publisher seal of Kyoto Hanga-In on the print verso.Publisher seal of Kyoto Hanga-In on the print verso. These Sharaku prints by the publisher Kyoto Hanga-In are the most authentic later edition prints of the original works I have seen, even surpassing those of the renown publisher Takamizawa. The dark thick mica background is not overly "glossy" like other editions, and the simulation of cracked mica by heavy embossing is very realistic.

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