Kawase Hasui: Lingering Snow at Miyajima - 宮嶋の雪晴 - Ohmi Gallery

Artist: Kawase Hasui

Title: Lingering Snow at Miyajima - 宮嶋の雪晴

Date: 1930

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Source: Ohmi Gallery
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In circa 1930, the Haibara Fan Shop commissioned these twelve prints from the publisher Kato. A total of only 200 sets were published, and the original first edition prints have a numbered seal on the print verso. This second edition was commissioned by Hasui's daughter from the publisher Tokyo Takahashi Kobo in 1988, and was also limited to only 200 sets printed from the original blocks. While individual prints from the second edition can sometimes be purchased, the acquisition of not only a complete set of twelve prints in pristine condition, but also their original folders and series case, is a very rare event. Each print is held in a windowed paper folder, but can be easily removed.

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