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Artist: Yoshida Toshi

Title: Unknown title

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YoshidaToshi-Heirinji Temple Bell- 1.jpg is: Toshi YOSHIDA (1911-1995) "Heirinji Temple Bell" -1951 Print size 15.75" x 10.75" (Full Oban) Pristine gallery condition. Full margins; never laid down; no tears, folds, creases or foxing. This print is perfect in every way, with Good bleedthrough to verso. Toshi Yoshida was born in 1911, the eldest son of Shin Hanga Master Hiroshi Yoshida. Even at a very early age, Hiroshi marvelled at his son's design creativity. Toshi Yoshida matured into one of the most innovative and visionary artists of the Shin Hanga period, and many experts feel that the splendor and creativity of Master Toshi's works have eclipsed those of his world famous father, Hiroshi. Master T. Yoshida travelled extensively throughout the world creating true masterpieces. His wonderful images of traditional Japan are considered among the finest of the Shin Hanga era, but perhaps his incredible images of India, Africa, Europe, the Americas and Antarctica have gained him world-wide acclaim.

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