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Artist: Yoshida Toshi

Title: Shirasagi Castle

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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This print was created by Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995) the great artist of shin- and sosaku-hanga. Toshi Yoshida was an artist of great breadth and vision. Known primarily for his woodblock prints, he was also a remarkable painter and illustrator. His style cannot be easily summarized, because he was constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of the woodblock medium. His work ranges from realistic landscapes to imaginative abstract designs to detailed portraits of animals in their environments. Here is one of his great prints “Shirasagi Castle”. This print has red Toshi seal and his signature inside the image, also signed by artist Toshi Yoshida in pencil (not stamped like on later reprints) on a bottom margin. Published in Showa 17 (1942). Large chuban size 10 6/8" by 8"with full margins. Fine impression, excellent color and registration, pristine condition. This print was never framed, mounted or set down.

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