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Artist: Yoshida Toshi

Title: Benkei Bridge

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Japanese Woodblock by Toshi Yoshida ‘Benkei Bridge’ (1941) Lovely and colorful scene by Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995, son of Hiroshi) titled in both Japanese kanji as “Benkei-bashi” and English as “Benkei Bridge.” Location is one of the popular bridge crossings over the Kamogawa River. Print is margin-dated “Showa 16,” or 1941 and also bears artist’s block-signed signature. Circa likely 1990’s. Print has never been framed and is in absolute pristine condition. Nicely done “bokashi” (gradation of color) shading to the distant horizon; detailed carving and printing. Great colors. Print is “chuban” size, the image itself measures 6" x 9" inches.

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