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Artist: Mizuno Toshikata

Title: Deer and Stag Pure Silk- 3

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Title Kuchi-e and 1909 Calendar rare Meiji calendar and kuchi-e Artist Toshikata Mizuno 1866-1908 Signature (1) "Toshikata" on the bottom left. Seal (1) and (2) Artist's seal. Dated (1)1909. Colors (1) Excellent - very good … Silver metallic pigment. (1) Very Good … Paper slightly toned. Minor wrinkles, 4 binding holes (ca. 0,4 cm = 0,16 inch) along the top edge, two brown stains at the top edge, slight specks and foxing on the background. Description Two kuchi-e sheets. (1) Two beauties are enjoying the plum blossoms in the early spring. Advertisement of The Kawamata Silk Refining Co. in Yokohama and a calendar for February 1909 are printed on a pliable Japanese paper. Width Item 15.0 inches = 38.0 cm Height Item 10.0 inches = 25.5 cm

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