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Artist: Kotozuka Eiichi

Title: Bamboo

Date: 1960

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Kotozuka, Eiichi- Bamboo 1 -1.jpg is: I offer Two Japanese Woodblock Prints from my collection. These prints were made by Eiichi Kotozuka.They are "signed" and very well "sealed" on the back. The names of the prints are: "THREE SNOWY HERONS" AND "BAMBO", dated 1960. And they both measure the same :"Framed" 22.7" by 17.3", and the prints themselves are 16.0" by 11.0" aproximately". These are very "unique" prints, "GREAT FOR COLLECTORS" since the are "NOT" many of them around. Eiichi Kotozuka was born in 1906, dedicated his life to the art of Woodblock print drawing,and created a very "different" style using simple colors to resemble his vision as "equal to reality" as possible. He focused his work on "landscapes" and "flowers". His prints were published by UCHIDA,UNSODO

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