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Artist: Kaburagi Kiyokata

Title: Light Snowfall- V2

Date: 1930

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Title Light Sno Artist Kiyokata Kaburagi 1878-1973 Signature "Kiyokata". Seal Artist's seal. Dated This edition was made probably in 1950s. Publisher Baba Nobuhiko. Medium/Technique Woodblock print. Escription This popular design was originally published for the insert of the 50th Year Commemoration of Jiji Shinpo Newspapers. The print was titled, "Usuyuki" ("Light Snow"), the customs and mannners of ladies in Meiji 15 (1882). Width Item 14.8 inches = 37.5 cm Height Item 19.9 inches = 50.5 cm

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