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Artist: Kaburagi Kiyokata

Title: Girl with Poppies

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Description: Sunday, 5 February 2006 Shin Hanga: Girl with Poppies Artist: Kaburagi Kiyokata Format: Large oban tate-e: 16.5" x 11" approx Subject: Born in Kanda, Tokyo, in 1878. He was mentored by Mizuno Toshikata, an ukiyoe painter, and exhibited works at exhibitions such as the Bunten. When the Teiten Exhibition was established in 1919, he was appointed juror. He was a member of Geijutsuin (1923) art group and Teikoku Geijutsuin (1929) art group. He is also known for his elegantly flowing essays about days gone by. He received the Order of Cultural Merit in 1954. Kiyokata Kaburagi was a great artist of Nihonga - traditional Japanese painting. But he was even more influential as an art teacher and promoter of the Shin Hanga movement. Kaburagi had trained such Shin Hanga giants like Hasui Kawase, Ito Shinsui and Shiro Kasamatsu. Date: c.1915 Condition: Full size, untrimmed. Generally fine state of preservation. Colour: Fine colors Impression: Fine. Overprinted hairlines with burnishing. Carefully executed bokashi (gradation of colors) shading. Entire background is imitation silk material (printed in gauffrage); silver metallic pigments to hairpiece; detailed carving. Other Notes: A later much less sophisticated edition from recarved blocks was produced for use as a kuchi-e Estimated Value: 」350 - 」500

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