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Artist: Kasamatsu Shiro

Title: Kegon Waterfall at Nikko

Date: 1952

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Japanese Woodblock by Kasamatsu ‘Kegon Waterfall at Nikko’ (1952) Colorful waterfall image by Shiro Kasamatsu (1898-1991) titled ”Nikko Kegon no Taki” (translates as “Kagon Falls at Nikko”). Although this image is undated in its margins, my references indicate it was carved and produced in “Showa 27” (1952). Print bears black, rectangular Unsodo Han publisher’s seal in the left margin, along with names of printer (Toda) and carver (Nagashima). Also bears “Gei” watermark (“gei” is the first kanji character of the of the Unsodo Publishers name, "Un-so-do,” which is spelled “gei” if alone) in the lower left corner. Circa 1990's. Well printed?nice use of “bokashi’ (gradation of colors) within the lower image. Also, print is lightly dusted with sparkling “mica,” giving the water a “wet look.” Print is in excellent condition. Image measures 9 3/8 x 14 ? inches.

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