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Artist: Ito Yuhan

Title: Kiyomizu-dera Temple

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Japanese Woodblock Print The artist is Ito Yuhan, and the publisher is Nishinomiya Yosaku This is a lovely Japanese woodblock print of a house? Temple? On the side of a hill overlooking a valley with other buildings in the distance. It appears to be twilight and there is a lit lantern hanging outside. The print measures about 16" high x 10 3/4" wide and is a very pleasing composition. The print is signed in calligraphy and there are some printed marks down the left side margin. There is printing on the back that says 'Y. Nishinomi-yuki' & 'Kami Negishi' & 'Tokyo' - as well as we can make out. The print does have some foxing and some tape bleed-through at the upper corners, but matted properly, it would make a very striking image to decorate most any room.

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