Hashiguchi Goyo: Hot Spring Inn — 温泉宿- おんせんやど - Japanese Art Open Database

Artist: Hashiguchi Goyo

Title: Hot Spring Inn — 温泉宿- おんせんやど

Date: 1920

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Hashiguchi Goyo 1880-1921 Hot Spring Inn 1920 Japanese woodblock print Image size: 17 1/8 by 9 3/4 inches Hot Spring Inn- The young beauty, a waitress at the elegant teahouse in the Hot Spring Inn, enjoys a private moment at the balcony. The design is wonderful with an almost monochromatic treatment of the figure except for her lips and just a hint of her silk obi. Behind her is a colorful backdrop of flowers and foliage. The background is a rich gray/rose that shimmers with a silvery mica finish. The soft colors, fine embossing, heavy paper and careful attention to detail reflect the quality of this print. This is truly a Japanese woodblock masterpiece. This image is one of the most sought after prints in the market.

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