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Artist: Chokosai Eisho

Title: Elegant courtesan Kasugano of Sasa-ya

Date: 1794

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Monday, 10 September 2007 A Comparison of Beauties of the Pleasure Quarters Artist: Eisho Format: Oban tate-e dark mica ground : 15" x 10" approx Subject: From Eisho's monumental series of bijin busts Kakuchu Bijin Kurabe. This example shows the elegant courtesan Kasugano of the greenhouse Sasa ya, drying herself after a bath. Many of the designs from this set are known in variant impressions sometimes with pale mica backgrounds and sometimes with dark. In our opinion the dark mica ground of this design highlights and compliments the almost ethereally pale figure of the bijin. Publisher: Yamaguchi ya Chusuke Date: c.1794-5 Condition: Full size. Mica somewhat worn and touched in on the right of the figure. Soils and a little rubbing at base. Generally very good state. Colour: Very good with only minimal fading Impression: Fine Estimated Value: 」10000 - 」15000

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