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Artist: Daimon Kinoshita

Title: Wakanohana

Date: 1985

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Saturday, 20 January 2007 Title Champion Sumo Wrestler, Wakanohana Artist Daimon Kinoshita born 1946 Signature Daimon Seal Artist's seal Dated Late 20th century Publisher Kyoto Hanga-in Medium/Technique Woodblock print Impression excellent Colors excellent … mica on the background Condition excellent - very good … The print comes with a certificate from the Japan Sumo Association and the original decorative wrappers. Description Champion sumo wrestler, Wakanohana Kanji. He became the 45th "Yokozuna" (Grand Champion) wrestler. His tenacious and ferocious Sumo style earned him the nickname, "The Devil of Dohyo Ring". One of the great Yokozuna in 1950s. He was the uncle of the "Yokozuna Brothers" Wakanohana-Takanohana in 1990s. Later, he became the president of Japan Sumo Association and received prestigious "Shiju-hosho" from Japanese government. This medal of honor is granted to the persons who contributed distinguished services in the fields of art, arts and sciences, sports. Note Carver Endo, printer Shimizu Width Item 10.6 inches = 27.0 cm Height Item 16.1 inches = 41.0 cm Width Mat 14.0 inches = 35.5 cm Height Mat 18.9 inches = 48.0 cm

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