Natori Shunsen: Nakamura Utaemon V as Yodogimi - Honolulu Museum of Art

Artist: Natori Shunsen

Title: Nakamura Utaemon V as Yodogimi

Date: 1926

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Source: Honolulu Museum of Art
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Compared to the older Edo-period (1615-1868) actor prints, Shunsen’s depiction is more realistic. Because of his training in the Maruyama-Shijö school of painting (which used the Western method of sketching an object), Shunsen selected an acting moment highly characteristic of this role. Yodogimi was one of Shögun Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s (1537-1598) concubines. She was said to be a determined person who once fought on the battlefield. Due to her strong personality, she is often depicted as a madwoman who contributed to the end of the Toyotomi family. Here, Yodogimi’s insanity is evidenced by her goblin-like grin. (from Natori Shunsen exhibition 8/7/2006-)

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