Eishosai Choki: Tsukasa Dayü of Higashi Ögi-ya in Ösaka's Shinmachi - Honolulu Museum of Art

Artist: Eishosai Choki

Title: Tsukasa Dayü of Higashi Ögi-ya in Ösaka's Shinmachi

Date: c. 1800

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Source: Honolulu Museum of Art
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The famous Osaka courtesan Tsukasa is shown glancing back over her shoulder, her left sleeve raised to her chin. Her figure is one of the most representative of Chöki's depictions of beautiful women. As Michener states: "Chöki's drawing is elfin, and his figures are pinched together at the shoulder, in Modigliani-style. This deformation of the female figure might have created a feeling of sensuality much like Modigliani's female forms." The five layers of different materials, colors, and designs of kimono are unified with the black sash. (from "VOGUE in Japan: Edo Fashion through Japanese prints" exhibition 07/30/08-)

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