Hosoda Eishi: Otoko doka 男踏歌 (Men's Stamping Dance) - British Museum

Artist: Hosoda Eishi

Title: Otoko doka 男踏歌 (Men's Stamping Dance)

Date: 1798 (New Year)

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Source: British Museum
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Illustrated book, folding album, colour woodblock print. 1 volume. Anthology of verses on New Year with six colour images. Covers: Original, dark blue, painted in gold with horizontal bands of mist, grasses and pine shoots. Title slip: Original, on buff slip pasted in top left corner of cover. Contents: 16 leaves: 1 double-page preface, 1 double-page illustration Farming household at the New Year by Torin, 1 double-page illustration Preparing food for a nightingale by Utamaro, 1 double-page illustration New Year presentation of a white horse by Shigemasa, 1 double-page illustration Court woman and plum tree by Ekishi, 1 double-page illustration New Year at Yoshiwara by Eishi, 1 double-page illustration Country excursion by Hokusai, 8 double pages of poems, 1 double page of poem and colophon. Inscribed and signed.

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