Toshusai Sharaku: Kabuki Actor Ebizo - Artelino

Artist: Toshusai Sharaku

Title: Kabuki Actor Ebizo

Date: Originally in Edo era, this one is re-carved edition in late 20th C.

Details & Prices: Toshusai Sharaku: Kabuki Actor Ebizo - Artelino

Source: artelino - Japanese Prints
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This image shows the kabuki character Ebizo. Typical for Sharaku's actor portraits is the exaggerated, near to caricature expressiveness. Sharaku is one of the greatest misteries of art history. He popped out of nowhere, created some 140 designs, mostly bust portraits of kabuki actors, and then disappeared from the scene. Numerous theories have been developed and countless books were written trying to give an answer to one of the biggest enigmas in art history. Prints by Sharaku are among the rarest and most expensive ukiyo-e. Prices for a Sharaku panel can easily exceed 100,000 USD and is nevertheless not offered more than once or twice per year. .

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