Inoue Yasuji: Kyodo Risshi - Myotaku - Artelino

Artist: Inoue Yasuji

Title: Kyodo Risshi - Myotaku

Date: 1885.

Details & Prices: Inoue Yasuji: Kyodo Risshi - Myotaku - Artelino

Source: artelino - Japanese Prints
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"Kyodo Risshi no Motoi" (Heroes and heroines who have been regarded as standards of moral leadership and success). Myotaku was a disciple of Muso Kokushi. But he liked to draw pictures very much despite the opposition from Muso. One day, Muso saw Myotaku was secretly drawing Fudo-myo-o. Muso was very surprised by the mastery of the picture and let Myotaku draw pictures from then on.

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