Tomioka Eisen: Morning after the Snow - Artelino

Artist: Tomioka Eisen

Title: Morning after the Snow

Date: Ca. 1900 - 1910s.

Details & Prices: Tomioka Eisen: Morning after the Snow - Artelino

Source: artelino - Japanese Prints
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Description: Kuchi-e illustration for the novel "Yuki no Asa" published on a Bungei-Kurabu, Vol.10, No.4, a very popular literary magazine. A morning after a big snow. The girl looking at the puppies is depicted in a circle which signals there is a distance between the two locations. This composition is called "double contraction" and is often used in ukiyo-e. The picture was listed in the interesting article about kuchi-e, published in "Daruma Magazine" Issue No. 32.

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