Kasamatsu Shiro: Ginza on a Spring Night - Artelino

Artist: Kasamatsu Shiro

Title: Ginza on a Spring Night

Date: April 1934.

Details & Prices: Kasamatsu Shiro: Ginza on a Spring Night - Artelino

Source: artelino - Japanese Prints
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"Haru no Yoru; Ginza". One of Shiro's most popular and arguably the best design. The people in various Western and traditional clothes are coming and going on the plush shopping street. It is still early in the night, the silhouettes of people are walking into a brightly lit entrance of a department store and some others are disappearing into the distance. A customer is probably looking at a menu in a "sushi" supper wagon parked in front. The soft glow of bright lights reflecting in the spring mist lenders the warm, dreamy atmosphere on a peaceful night before World War II.

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