Ikeda Terukata: Brocades of Edo (Edo no Nishiki) - Scholten Japanese Art

Artist: Ikeda Terukata

Title: Brocades of Edo (Edo no Nishiki)

Date: 1900

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Source: Scholten Japanese Art
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a beauty carrying an umbrella while walking in the snow pauses to look at over her shoulder at two figures retreating in the distance, the black details highlighted with burnishing and her collar embellished with silver mica stripes; signed at lower right, Terukata, with artist's seal, the series title at the upper right in pink cartouche, and the publisher's name and address along the bottom margin, Tokyo shi Nihonbashi ku, Muromachi san chome kyu banchi, Kokkeido (Tokyo city, Nihonbashi ward, Muromachi town, 3rd district, [the publisher] Kokkeido); published ca. 1900

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