Ito Shinsui: Hair (Kami) - Scholten Japanese Art

Artist: Ito Shinsui

Title: Hair (Kami)

Date: 1952

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Source: Scholten Japanese Art
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a beauty with her blue and white yukata open and folded down to her waist leans over a tub of water to wash her long hair as she braces herself by holding the edge of the basin, the light grey background embellished with silver mica, the swirling water with white mica; signed in sumi ink, Shinsui ga, followed by rectangular artist's seal Shikuntei; the blocks carved by Maeda Kentarô and printed by Ono Gintaro; with circular publisher seal on verso, Nihon moku hanga shuppan kykokai, Tomishima no in, published by the Commission for Protection of Cultural Properties in 1952

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