Munakata Shiko: The Moutain Path (the fence of...) (Yamaji no saku) - Scholten Japanese Art

Artist: Munakata Shiko

Title: The Moutain Path (the fence of...) (Yamaji no saku)

Date: 8840

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Source: Scholten Japanese Art
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sumizuri-e hand colored from verso with a poem by Yasuda Yojuro; standing figure with hat and walking stick; signed in pencil kanji, Shiko, and in pencilled English, Munakata, with artist's pine needle symbol and red incense burner seal Munakata; and with woodblock printed certificate of authenticity: Kantei Toroku Sho; Munakata Shiko Kantei Iinkai; hand-numbered 8840, inscribed Munakata Shiko Saku and titled, Yamaji no saku, with two seals, Munakata Shiko Kantei Iinkai and Munakata -?-, ca. 1960 (blocks carved)

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