Watanabe Shotei: Ekoda Moon - 江古田の月 - Ohmi Gallery

Artist: Watanabe Shotei

Title: Ekoda Moon - 江古田の月

Date: 1909

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Source: Ohmi Gallery
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The spelling of the town's name seems to be in dispute. Shote.com list this print as "Full moon at Egota" while Shimizu-san's Shotei catalog list this print as "Moon From Ekota". In fact the kanji can be pronounced in four different ways: Ekota, Ekoda, Egota, and Egoda. I usually solve this type of problem by doing an Internet search for each word and determining which word returns the most search results. In this case "Ekoda" produced far more results than the other three names. M-82 on Shotei.com. This item is from my personal collection and is not for sale.

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