Watanabe Shotei: Cotton Rose in Full Bloom for Long Life - Ohmi Gallery

Artist: Watanabe Shotei

Title: Cotton Rose in Full Bloom for Long Life

Date: 1917

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Source: Ohmi Gallery
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Hand painted on silk with silk mount. Wood end roller. Artist: Shotei Length: 197 cm (about 78 inches) Width (between both end of the roller): 62.6 cm (about 25 inches). The year of "丁巳(ひのとみ)" is 1917 or Taisho 6. The title seems to read as follows: 玉●満芙長正 :(???? Cotton Rose in full bloom for Long Life) 丁巳 寒霜● 松亭書屋 (Cold Frost ?? Shotei's House) Upper square red seal : ●雪画房 Lower square seal: 松(right side) 亭(left side) This item is from my personal collection and is not for sale.

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