Yamazaki TOSHINOBU: - Richard Kruml

Artist: Yamazaki TOSHINOBU

Date: 1878

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Source: Richard Kruml
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The best design from Nihon ryakushi zu, “ A Brief History of Japan in Pictures.” Mongaku ( Endo Morito, c. 1120 – 1200 ) subjecting himself to three years penance as a Buddhist monk beneath the waterfall of Mount Nachi in Kii Province. Morito inflicted this punishment on himself because he had inadvertently cut off the head of Kesa Gozen, the wife of the palace guard Watanabe Wataru, with whom he was in love. This subject lends itself to some wonderful designs: See this website for a rare horizontal triptych by Yoshitoshi and a vertical triptych by Kuniyoshi, and there are many single sheets by various artists. Toshinobu was a pupil of Kunisada and then Yoshitoshi. Published by Kanei Heizaburo, 1878. Very good impression color and condition. Signed Oju Toshinobu. Status: Available

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