Mizuno Toshikata: - Richard Kruml

Artist: Mizuno Toshikata

Date: 1880

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Source: Richard Kruml
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A fine original drawing for the first sheet of a published triptych by Yoshitoshi for the set Dai Nippon shiryaku showing the naval battle of Dannoura in the reign of Antoku, the 80th Emperor. Published 20/4/1880. The British Museum has a complete preparatory sketch for this triptych. The drawing is signed “Copied by Toshikata” and is dated Meiji kano-e tatsu, 1880. Why Toshikata drew it is a puzzle: Possibly an exercise in preparation to making final drafts for the woodblock. Oban size. Sold as is with some creases. Provenance: From the atelier of Toshikata. Status: Available

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