Onishi Chinnen: - Richard Kruml

Artist: Onishi Chinnen

Date: 1832

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Source: Richard Kruml
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A highly talented artist, he is considered – with Nanrei – to be the finest exponent of the Maruyama-Shijo style in Edo at this time. Of samurai birth, he initially studied under Nangaku. See elsewhere on this site for two original paintings by Chinnen. One volume complete Sonan gafu, “Album of Sonan” ( a go of Chinnen ). Published 1834. 6 pp. preface signed and dated Tenpo 3 ( 1832 ); 1p. contents; 26 sheets illustrations in colour. Last page colophon with date Tenpo, year of the Dragon 9/1832 and annotation in sumi with seal: Renkado Ichiyo zo, “From the collection of Ichiyo.” Inside back cover date Tenpo 5 1/1834 and publishers Osakaya Gembei and Kobayashi Shimbei of Edo. Yellow covers with cross-hatched embossing and original title slip. Some slight soil throughout, otherwise a nice copy of Chinnen’s masterpiece. Status: Available

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