Ishikawa Toyonobu: - Richard Kruml

Artist: Ishikawa Toyonobu

Date: 1742

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Source: Richard Kruml
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An extremely rare design showing a young woman either opening or closing an umbrella. She wears a rain-cape and high clogs ( geta ). Toyonobu’s hashira-e are amongst his most accomplished works. There appear to be at least three other known impressions: A.D.Ficke, Chats on Japanese Prints, pl.8 ( ex Metzgor coll. ); H.C.Gunsaulus, Japanese Prints of the Clarence Buckingham Collection, Volume I, AIC, 1955, no.16, p.206; and James A. Michener, Japanese Prints, no.78, p.75. There is some confusion as the Michener example appears to be the same impression from various well known collectors and illustrated in different places ( eg M. Bullier collection, illustrated in V.& I, volume I-III, pl.LIII ). Wide hashira-e ( 27.5 x 5.5 in.; 70 x 14 cms. ) Coloured by hand with beni ( overlaid with urushi ), yellow, mustard, brown and blue. Published c 1742 by Urokogata-ya. A beautiful print. Very good impression. Some toning ( as per usual ), and slight weakening along laid lines ( as per usual ). Trimmed slightly at left. The colours particularly well retained. Signed Tanjodo Ishikawa Shuha Toyonobu zu. Status: Sold

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