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Artist: Takehisa Yumeji

Title: Kaeru - Frog

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Tuesday, 2 January 2007 Title Beauty Artist Yumeji Takehisa 1884-1934 Signature "Takehisa Yumeji Mokuhanga Shu" printed on the left margin, "Yumeji" on the image Seal Artist's seal "Takehisa" Dated Original was made in early 20th century Publisher Kyoto Hanga-in, Oh'edo Ban Medium/Technique Woodblock print Impression excellent - very good … (this printing ca. 1975) Colors excellent Condition excellent - very good … light toning, slightly creased. Description "Kaeru" (Frog). A beauty from the series "Takehisa Yumeji Moku-Hangashu" (Woodblock Prints of Takehisa Yumeji) by Kyoto Hanga-in. This design was shown on pl.63b, "The Japanese Print since 1900" by Lawrence Smith, British Museum Publications, 1983. Note Carver Endo, printer Ito Width Item 15.2 inches = 38.5 cm Height Item 19.8 inches = 50.2 cm Width Image 9.8 inches = 25.0 cm Height Image 17.7 inches = 45.0 cm

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