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Artist: Inoue Yasuji

Title: Opening of the new Azuma Bridge in Tokyo

Date: 1887

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Title Bridge Opening Artist Yasuji Inoue 1864 - 1889 Signature Inoue Tankei sha Seal tankei Dated 1887 Period Meiji Publisher Fukuda Kumajiro Impression good Colors good Condition good ... paper worn and numerous wrinkles, red transfer stains on the left panel, several thin spots Rating 3 = good Description "Dainippon Tokyo Azuma-bashi Shinkei" People are enjoying the opening of the new Azuma Bridge in Tokyo. Several boats are sailing under the bridge. Format 3 Oban tate-e Width 29.3 inches = 74.4 cm Height 14.6 inches = 37.0 cm

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