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Artist: Yamamoto Shoun

Title: Unconcerned — すずしの顔

Date: 1906

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Friday, 30 May 2008 Artist: Yamamoto Shoun (1870-1965) Subject: A young woman with a basket of fruits. Series: Imasugata. Signature: Shoun. Date: Meiji 42 (1909). Publisher: Matsuki Heikichi. Size: Oban, 37x25,5 cm. Reference: Another example is illustrated in Ota Memorial Museum. Meiji-Taisho Bijin Hanga Ten. Prints of Beauties from the Meiji Taisho era. Tokyo 1993, no. 30. Conditions: Very good impression, colour and conditions. Item no. 298 Price: ?uro 1.000

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