Watanabe Sadao: The Entry into Jerusalem - Japanese Art Open Database

Artist: Watanabe Sadao

Title: The Entry into Jerusalem

Date: 1973

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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MAGNIFICENT LARGE PRINT BY RENOWNED ARTIST SADAO WATANABE - BEST KNOWN FOR HIS BIBLICAL SUBJECTS. THIS ONE: The Entry into Jerusalem, size 27" x 23", Edition 47/70, signed in white ink: Sadao Watanabe, 1973. Stencil, printed on hand crumpled momigami paper. In excellent condition. Christ, in the center of the composition, rides a white, decorated donkey, surrounded by faithful followers who hold palm leaves, raising their hands in greeting. On the brilliant red background, the event of Christ's Entry is enlivened by the use of strong contrasting colors in yellow, green, black and blue. The white faces and black features focus on the solemnity of the occasion; glances and gestures are directed towards Christ, who is clearly the largest figure in the composition.

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