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Artist: Watanabe Sadao

Title: Noahs Ark

Date: 1977

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Noah’s Ark Artist: Sadao Watanabe Description: In his interpretation of Noah’s Ark, Watanabe has used his charming, primitive style to describe the different creatures, giving to each an individual touch and personality. The Print with its warm red background is framed on the top corners by scalloped clouds and beneath the Ark by a pattern of white waves; these lend stability and calm to the lively, varied patterns and shapes of the fantastic Ark and its inhabitants. Issued: 1977 Medium: color stencil on hand crumpled momigami paper Edition: 71/80 Condition: Excellent. Image Size: 21 x 25 3/4 inches Framed Size: unframed Signed: in white ink: Sadao Watanabe

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