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Artist: Wada Sanzo

Title: The Cooper

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Title The Cooper - Occupations of the Showa Era first edition : with original certificate Artist Sanzo Wada 1883-1968 Signature 'Sanzo' brush signed in sumi ink. Seal Artist's seal (Sanzo). Dated 1938-43. Publisher Nishinomiya Shoin. Medium/Technique Woodblock print. Impression Excellent - very good … Embossed. Colors Good. Condition Very good … Paper unevenly toned. The upper corners discolored. The print comes with the original certificate with Sanzo's explanations about the picture and English translation. A small lithograph of the print is pasted on the certificate. Description From the series "Showa Shokugyo E-zukushi" ("Sketches of Occupations of the Showa Era"), No.7. "Oke-ya". The first series was published by Nishinomiya Shoin in 1938 - 1943. It was very popular and even featured on the Asahi Newspapers every time the new design was published. The series was interrupted by W.W.II. After the war, Kyoto Hanga-in made the continuation of the series. In this design, "Okeya", the traditional cooper, and a customer waiting her turn. Note Nishinomiya Shoin copyright seal (flower) on the lower right corner. Format Oban yoko-e Width Item 15.0 inches = 38.0 cm Height Item 11.2 inches = 28.5 cm

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