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Artist: Wada Sanzo

Title: Farm Family

Date: Not set

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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The artist is WADA SANZO as signed. Paper is about 15 3/4" by 11 1/2". Dated 1950 and titled (from the original paperwork) "A Farm House". Printed and Published by Kyoto-Hanga-In. From the label .... "Such a farm house scene is common wherever you may go in the country district. The nursing mother has come back from the field near-by to feed her baby. The other children have been looking after their baby brother while the mother woman was working. They are now playing a game with some pebbles until their mother finishes breast feeding and goes back to her labour in the field." Great color. Excellent Bleedthrough. Toning in the margins that does not affect the image. Image is clean.

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