Wada Sanzo: The Seven Gods of Luck - Right — 七福神(右) - Japanese Art Open Database

Artist: Wada Sanzo

Title: The Seven Gods of Luck - Right — 七福神(右)

Date: 1950

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Monday, 19 September 2005 The Seven Gods of Luck by Sanzo Wada. Sanzo Wada has done a wonderful painterly interpretation of an old Japanese legend, displaying four of the Seven Gods of Luck. This woodblock has the look of a watercolor painting in the sumi tradition. The bold, sweeping lines give a modern look to a traditional subject. It is a stunning design with a lot of impact. This is an unusual subject for Sanzo Wada, and it is a very rare woodblock. It hardly ever shows up on eBay.

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