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Artist: Unknown

Title: Suma beach

Date: Not set

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Saturday, 23 July 2005 A good unframed colour woodcut of figures drawing water from a lake by moonlight. I don't know who the artist is as there are no seals at all, but on the reverse it states "printed by T HASEGAWA, TOKYO" (see photos). I have played safe by dating this to post 1940, but it may in fact be earlier, judging by the condition of the paper which is overall evenly time stained. There are a couple of minor rub marks in the sky (only visible when the print is tilted to the light) and some disturbance of the paper fibres around what I take to be stars to the left of the moon (if these are not stars then they could be tiny spots of white mould). There are also possibly a couple of small scratches at the base of the left tree (see photos). I hope these defects are all clearly visible in the photos which I took in natural light (please use supersize to see for yourself). The print is glued at the top corners only to a time stained backing card. Overall an intriguing and beautiful atmospheric print with wonderful embossing/gauffrage in the waves and surf. Size: 8.75 x 13.875 inches (image) with fairly even half inch margins all round.

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