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Artist: Tomokazu

Title: Taisho Pond — 信? 大正池

Date: 1954

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Japanese woodblock print, Yuichi Kikuchi, Bare Trees in River, 1954. Beautiful condition, still in its original folder, never framed. Yuichi Kikuchi (sometimes referred to as Yuichi Tomokazu) was most active in the 1950s; his prints were published by Adachi, and they are among the finest of shin hanga prints in terms of composition, carving and printing quality. It measures about 15.5 x 10.5” image size, plus full margins. Sealed with the artist’s red seal. A gorgeous print in every regard. I have happened upon his prints only a couple of times in my seven years in Japan, and thus I think they are quite rare nowadays. Still in its original folder (tipped at two corners to the folder but not laid down); the folder has some foxing, but the print is totally unaffected.

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