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Artist: Tokuriki Tomikichiro

Title: Wedding Rocks

Date: 1960

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Woodblock: Tokuriki Wedding Rocks 14.25"x9.25" plus margins Tomikichiro Tokuriki designed woodblock prints for two distinct genre: shin hanga and sosaku hanga. Shin hanga are very representative and tend to deal with traditional Japanese settings and costumes whereas sosaku hanga are more impressionistic making no pretense of photorealism. Before World War II Tokuriki produced prints for Uchida, Kyoto Hanga and Unsodo. After the war he established his own publishing company to produce his prints. Some of these post World War II prints are self-carved and self-printed. This print is of the Wedding Rocks. The rope ties together (weds) the two rocks which are or represent the rock dieties Izanagi (male) and Izanami (female) who on their third attempt at procreation produced the islands of Japan. This is according to the creation story for Japan and its prominent families. That being said, the print stands on its own merits. Tokuriki made excellent use of texture in this print, both in the sky and water. Two unusual features shown in the images below are the seal at the bottom right corner and the watermark in the top right corner. The seal (taking advantage of the research of Thomas Crossland on the internet) states that the publisher is Matsuku, Tokuriki's company. The print is in excellent condition subject to the usual caveat for Tokuriki - there is ink in the margins. The only apparent mounting was in a presentation folder with linen tape which was easily removed.

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