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Artist: Tokuriki Tomikichiro

Title: Dance of toads -trial print 2

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Saturday, 20 November 2010 Item #1-85-158 (Item #93 of our catalog vol. 26): Two original paintings and six woodblock prints. 1. Artist: Tokuriki Tomikichiro 2. Title/subject: 'Dance of toads' and 'Picnic of Rabbits' 3. Original painting: Two original paintings (Picture #1-85-158-3 and -4; both on paper with notations to the printer) * Please not that Item #1-85-158-3 has tears and one of them is across the center of painting. 4. Test prints: Five prints (Picture #1-85-158-1, -2 and -5 to -7; without notations except #1-85-158-2) 5. Final print: (not sure which prints are for final or test) 6. Size of the design: Larger oban-sized (approx. 39 x 27 cm)

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